Ocean Beach Education Foundation Vision Statement

Ocean Beach Education Foundation

PO Box 1377 Long Beach WA 98631 US




501(c)(3) Tax ID 943145212

The OBEF is composed of a broad collection of community volunteers committed to the shared vision of providing ongoing support for the expanded educational opportunities for the students of the Ocean Beach School District. 

OBEF is a self-sustaining partner with schools and community, working as a family, sharing the pride, passion, and excitement of creating educational excellence for our students.

Recognized as a key community leadership group the Foundation continues to educate the community in ways to sustain and expand the work of the organization.

Renowned as a beneficiary of local donations, the OBEF expertly and prudently receives, manages, and invests contributions to achieve the optimum benefit for the children of the community.

The Foundation has created a cohesive network uniting the parents, teachers, students, alumni, retired people, businesses and organizations that promote the future of our children and community.,

We will develop a stable and on going financial base through fund raising and development of endowment and planned giving programs. The expenditures of these funds is for educational opportunities not provided through traditional funding. Distributions made will meet the highest educational priorities and impact the greatest number of students. These funds assist our educators in fueling the desire for learning that contributes to the success of all our children. While it is our intention to build the corpus, we will remain open to receiving designated gifts within our ability to manage them. We will maintain the intent and integrity of such designated funding.